Artist Inna Rogatchi won prestigious IX Il Volo di Pegaso 2017 National Italian Prize in the fine art photography category. The Might of Freedom work of the well-known artist was selected as a winner by the top 9-member jury that included a long- time chief curator of the Venice Biennale, leading art historian professor Vittorio Sgarbi and famous writer Maria Rita Parsi.

Il Volo di Pegaso is the one of the most prestigious Italian art and literary contests organised by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Health, and which is supervised by the Presidium of the Italian Cabinet. The International Ambassador for the Il Volo di Pegaso contest of arts and literature is Dr Carlo Carpia, the top representative of the Italian government.

In 2017, the theme of the IX Il Volo di Pegaso Award was Voyage. The Inna Rogatchi’s work The Might of Freedom  has been selected from 60 works of seventy leading Italian artists to the Final where 25 works in different categories ( paintings, sculpture, fine art photography and design) were present at the special ceremony held at the Italian Parliament on February 27th, 2017.


The ceremony was opened by the Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini and Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzino, and it was conducted by the well-known Italian journalist and art curator Raffaella Salato from The Roma Foundation. Many Italian MPs, ministers, members of the Italian government, as well as many leading medical, psychology and psychotherapeutic scientists, leaders of the medical industry, famous artists, writers, art historian, critics and journalists took a part in the ceremony.

The purpose of the Il Volo di Pegaso art and literature contest is to bring the power of art and culture to medicine and psychology in combating the rare diseases, finding the new efficient tools for harmonious work of culture and medicine, and for providing more charity to those in need.

Inna Rogatchi has said in her addressing: “I do think that the understanding and appreciating of culture in Italy is the example for the world. It is in Italy that we know this synthetic approach embracing arts, letters, science, medicine, and psychology. Thus, we are coming to the model of the world in which its central principle is harmony. Or at least, our strive for that.

There is nothing more rewarding in life than charity. I am saying it as a person who is actively involved in the international philanthropy for about 30 yearsand I am very glad that together with my brilliant colleagues, I could contribute into this ongoing important cause”. 

The exhibition of the Finalists will be held in May, May 6 – 27th, 2017, at the Loft – Spazio MatER art gallery and culture centre in Rome. All proceeds from the sales of the art works will be going for support of the medical scientific research in the field of rare diseases.