ANDRZEJ WAIDA. FINALE WITHOUT ENDING. IN MEMORIAM. by INNA ROGATCHIANDRZEJ WAIDA. FINALE WITHOUT ENDING. IN MEMORIAM.  By Inna ROGATCHI (C). Wajda’s contribution into our very being had been so really huge and profound that it could be overseen and attributed to a natural environment. He was lucky to live a long and so productive life that has affected, formed, influenced so many of is in various parts of the globe. We were very lucky to have him and to learn from him in so many different ways, humanly, artistically, and philosophically.

Inna Rogatchi (C). From a Krakow Window. Homage to Andrzej Wajda. 2011-2013. Shining Souls. Champions of Humanity series. Fine Art Photography. Limited Edition.

Wajda’s share in the world of cinematography is giant, rare and so brilliantly unique. It could and would be compared with the Fellini’s legacy. Of course, the both Maestros are giants who has transformed a movie into a world, a space encompassing all existing and not existing dimensions, with ageless time having the leading role always. But my beloved Fellini was fortunate not to live the real life soaked in pain so inevitably, as his destiny has prescribed it to Andrzej Wajda. To keep all his pain, the pain of his family, and the pain of his country restrained for 70 years, a life-time, and then to unleash it with such dignity and elegance as he did it in Katyn, Andrzej Wajda did teach us one more lesson. The lesson of dignified memory that his father and all murdered Katyn officers did deserve so much. He painted his love to his father and his nation in meticulous, merciless, breath-taking way. He left no room for escapism. His judgement was fair and ultimate. He has made his pain classic. As true Masters do. We owe him so much that sometimes we do not remember that to a large degree it is due to his vision of the world we are who we are. But on the days like this, we do recall it. We really do. And it all comes back: his heroes, his visions, all those scenes, and – all those ending. The classic Wajda’s endings which are continuing all your life since you’ve saw it once, which are becoming a part of you. A part of us. A part of the world in which he lived, created and understood so painfully beautiful. Art work: Inna Rogatchi (C). From the Krakow Window. Homage to Andrzej Wajda. 2011-2013. Shining Souls. Champions of Humanity series. Fine Art Photography. The exhibition of the Shining Souls. Champions of Humanity series will be shown at the European Parliament in early 2017.