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The New York Times and Their Sense of Humour

Posted 28/4/2019

Dr Rogatchi's Commentary on the outrageous case of applied screaming anti-Semitism by The New York Times

By Inna Rogatchi ©

After wonderful week of the Passover celebration, the Jewish world in Israel and the world did awake to two grim news: racist shooting in San-Diego, and the Nazi-like cartoon in The New York Times. We are back to our realities.


Lori Gilbert-Kay, heroic 60-year old woman at the San-Diego synagogue who thrown herself to protect the rabbi during the attack, your name will live in our hearts for  ever. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein who continued the Pesach service at the conclusion of the holiday after being wounded,  addressing his congregation with strength and composure, we are proud of the leaders like you. By our own eyes, we are seeing the essence of what we are celebrating on Pesach valour, courage, conscious choice and will of our people. Both, during the centuries and at this very moment.


The 19-year old racist beast who came with a rifle to the place of worship is detained and will be dealt with. The open and acute issue here is his completed world-view and preparedness to act, to commit crimes, as it does exist among the part of the youngsters in America today. Attack in San-Diego was not a blind hysteria of a psychopath as it is the case in those terrible school shootings, but composed act, crime against humanity, - and the youngsters of today were not brain-washed in the Nazi schools in Germany of 1930s. Where they had been brain-washed then, by whom? And who should be held responsible for that? Those are questions that the modern American society is avoiding to face in its painful detail, and hesitate to act against it, to eradicate the very possibility, very intention of it.  The publication in a major media is a brain-washing. How many more racists would feed their hatred by such incredibly Goebbels-like images as the cartoon published by The New York Times?


The shooter in San-Diego will go behind the bars where he belongs.

But what about The New York Times? Who from their editors will be going behind the bars for open hate crime in a mass-scale anti-Semitic propaganda offensive?  


Unlikely it is done in many publications and by the authors of comments, I will not illustrate my commentary with that image that they call a cartoon in the NYT. This is the most blatant Nazi-style anti-Semitic attack that we all are looking at, many in disbelief, since the end of the Nazi Germany.  The fact is that on April 25th, 2019, 74 years almost to the date of the Nazi Germany defeat, the leading American newspaper has published the most anti-Semitic insult ever. Congratulations, the NYT, now you has objectively become the Nazi-like propaganda tool, on your choice and by your own verification.


I know that many of my friends world-wide are in shock. Many are still reluctant to believe it. Some strong American men are in utter disbelief that this could happen in the major media, in a broad daylight, so to say.


I am not in shock. We all saw what the NYT is publishing for several years by now. I just wanted to know the name of the cartoon’s author. Thanks to Seth Frantzman, the head of the Opinion page of The Jerusalem Post, I have learned it: it is a Portuguese cartoonist  under an artist name Antonio who works for Espresso .  I also would like to know the names of the editors who had to do with it, all of them, because there were more than one follower of Goebbels among those who who picked it up, who decided to publish it, and who approved the publication.


The Jewish world, the professional media world, and the civilised world, for the matter, should know the names of all these people who has produced it and who published it.


With all the dirt that the NYT was trashing out on their pages for years, this image has become a milestone, indisputably. Now this is ‘the NYT before that Nazi cartoon’, and “the NYT after that Nazi cartoon’. This is how it would be taught at the universities very soon from now on, and for ever, NYT. You have made your own history, the NYT editors.  


There is no question for me that the NYT should be boycotted, not only by its readers - I am not that naive, but certainly by a large number of  decent media professionals. The Nazis and their followers and imitators are outcast in a normal society - ever heard about it , the NYT editors?


The Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon, Michael Oren who knows America to its core, Gilad Erdan, those who did react to the crime of racial hatred committed by the NYT with this publication among the first ones, they all are absolutely right: it is the act of the Nazi-like policy. The timing of the publication was also no random, but the one towards the end of the Passover holiday when many observing people were off-line, and the offices of the state institutions in Israel were closed, too. Clever, NYT, very clever. And how really low.


Seemingly, the editors at the NYT are not educated adequately. They obviously have no idea on what the verdicts of the Nuremberg Tribunal are about, and what had been defined there as a crime against humanity with concern to the Nazi, pro-Nazi and Nazi-like activities - including the Nazi propaganda and its applied practices. What the NYT did it is exactly what has been defined by the UN after the Nuremberg Trial as a hate crime, racist crime, the crime against humanity, and the Nazi propaganda - which all is criminalised by the international law with no statue of limitation.


The New York Times has to be sued, at all and every level. It has to be sued by the state of Israel, for defamation. It has to be sued by the US President Administration, for hate crime. It has to be sued by all and every Jewish entity in the USA and internationally that would feel this way. It has to be sued by the Jewish organisations world-wide, from big to small ones, those who are against the practices of the Nazi propaganda. It has to be sued by individuals in a giant cross-action, by the Jewish community world-wide, by all of us who were insulted in the worst possible Nazi-like way.


I am calling for organising such massive legal case against the New York Times, lowest of low entity of public anti-Semites practicing Nazi-style propaganda internationally. You are not untouchables, the NYT Editors. You are petty criminals, and you should and will be given a lesson.

April 28, 2019