Art Photography and Cinema

Inna Rogatchi works as fine art photographer and creator of original fine art photography collages based on her images.

Her art photography work is connected closely to her film-making process and is an important part of her films. Often she produces her art photography works for her films specifically. Many of her short-films and and video-essays are based on the series of her art photography works.

Inna works in a genre of metaphorical fine art photography and is known for her poetic and philosophical images. The areas of her special interests are creation and creators, history and culture, vision and a human being. She is also known as creator and proponent of the patent pending Lux Sei Photo Art (C), a special direction of the fine art photography providing psychological comfort to viewers.

Inna’s life-long love for cinema, and her intensive work in film-making has influenced her approach to her photography work. She  is often  seeking a cinematographical qualities in her photography work. Also, her photography career influencing her cinematography – the one of her most favourite resolution in films is close range, both literally and metaphorically.

Inna’s approach to the her art photography always include an element of a special research on historical, literature, artistic, or ethnographical aspects of her projects; and thus, not surprisingly, her favourite genre  is a photo-essay.

Inna has hold many personal exhibitions and was Special Guest Artists at numerous prestigious forums and events, including the ones at the European Union, the Venice Film Festival, International Musical Collection Festival, and many others. Her works belongs to many leading culture institutions and notable personal collections worldwide. Inna is a winner of the prestigious Il Volo di Pegaso Italian National Art & Literature Prize ( IX Edition, 2016-2017) in the fine art photography category.

She also devotes a special attention in her art photography to the theme of cinema, its history, and the most brilliant heroes of the movie world, creating special series as her homages to the best of the cinema world – such as her well-known series Amarcord Forever. Homage to Italian Cinema, or Horizon Beyond Horizon.

Many works from the Inna’s art photography series  Black Milk & Dark Stars are shown in her film The Lessons of Survival, and many of them has been created specifically for the film.

Video-essays based on the Inna Rogatchi’s art photography series can be watched at the Inna Rogatchi’s Art page.

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