Special Event In Memoriam: Simon Wiesenthal at the Embassy of Austria in Finland

​Special Event In Memoriam: Simon Wiesenthal ( 31 December 1908- 20 September 2005)​ had a place on September 17th at the residence of the Austrian Ambassador to Finland. The event that has collected many European Ambassadors, diplomats, and the representatives of the Finnish academic and public institutions  commemorated the 10th anniversary of the passing away of Simon Wiesenthal who has lived all his life in Austria and has become the one of the most notable public figure there. The event has organised by the initiative of the Ambassador Dr Elisabeth Kehrer. The Inna Rogatchi’s film on Simon Wiesenthal The Lessons of Survival. Conversations with Simon Wiesenthal has been screened at the special event, with both Ambassador Dr Kehrer and Dr Inna Rogatchi speaking to the audience before conversing into very deep and interesting discussion.